Automobile driving course

The Avantage Lauzon Driving School offers high quality driving courses recognized by the SAAQ. Discover all the useful information related to the driver’s licence (Class 5).

All our car driving courses are offered by experienced instructors trained to show you good driving habits. Don’t hesitate. Follow the guide!

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The prerequisites to obtain your learner’s licence

  • Be 16 years or older.
  • Register in an Avantage Lauzon School.
  • Successfully complete Phase 1 of the RSEP.
  • Pass a vision test at the SAAQ and present the following documents:
    • Passport or birth certificate issued by the Québec register of civil status
    • Health insurance card
    • Course certificate issued by Avantage Lauzon
    • Fees required for the issuance of a learner’s licence
    • Written parental authorization (If under 18 years of age)

The content of our automobile driving course

Our automobile driving course is divided into 4 phases, each composed of several 2-hour modules. Each outing lasts 55 minutes.

Phase 1: Prerequisite for a Learner’s Licence (minimum 28 days)

  • Module 1: The Vehicle
  • Module 2: The Driver
  • Module 3: The Environment
  • Module 4: At-Risk Behaviours
  • Module 5 : Evaluation

Phase 2: Guided Driving (minimum 28 days)

  • Module 6: Accompanied Driving (In-Car Session 1 - In-Car Session 2)
  • Module 7: OEA Strategy (In-Car Session 3 - In-Car Session 4)

Phase 3: Semi-Guided Driving (minimum 56 days)

  • Module 8: Speed (In-Car Session 5 - In-Car Session 6)
  • Module 9: Sharing the Road (In-Car Session 7 - In-Car Session 8)
  • Module 10: Alcohol and Drugs (In-Car Session 9 - In-Car Session 10)

Phase 4: Semi-Guided to Independent Driving (minimum 56 days)

The 7 steps leading to your regular driving licence

  1. Start and complete Phase 1 of the RSEP
    Pass the knowledge test at Module 5 at Avantage Lauzon.
  2. Obtain a learner’s licence (keep for a minimum of 12 month).
    Start Phase 2 of the RSEP and start in-car sessions. To drive, you must be accompanied by a person who has held a valid regular driver's licence for at least two years.
  3. Module 12 completed and holding a learner’s licence for at least 10 months.
    Passing the knowledge test in a SAAQ service centre.
  4. Complete and pass the RSEP at Avantage Lauzon.
  5. Pass the SAAQ road test.
  6. Obtain a probationary licence.
  7. After 24 months with your probationary licence, you will obtain your regular licence.

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