Rent a vehicle for your SAAQ ROAD TEST


To rent a vehicle for your road test, contact your Avantage Lauzon School right away or reserve your vehicle online today!

Do you need to pass your SAAQ road test, but you don’t have a vehicle? No worries! The Avantage Lauzon driving schools offer vehicle rental to make your life easier:

  • We will bring the vehicle directly to the test site and at the time agreed upon together.
  • You will drive a vehicle that is recent and safe.
  • Rental will include the gas used as well as insurance for the duration of the road test.


You need to rent a car or a motorcycle for your SAAQ road test?

Avantage Lauzon offers this service and we can help you!

Benefits of renting a vehicle with Avantage Lauzon

  • We will bring the vehicle at the test’s location at the time that we plannedtogether.
  • Vehicle includes gas and is insured by the school’s insurances for the time of the test.
  • Eliminates the risk of ending up without a vehicle for the test, after the SAAQ mechanical inspection of your vehicle.
  • Eliminates the need to be accompanied.

Save yourself some trouble! Do your road test without any worry by renting a vehicle with Avantage Lauzon!

Contact your driving schools to make a reservation!